1 Metre USB Powered LED Strip - Vehicle or TV - Bluetooth Control App, Remote, Music Sync, Waterproof,

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RGBIC Ambient LED Strip

Dimmable Colors: 16 million dimmable colors. Enhanced ambient lightning. Relieve Eye Strain, by decreasing the TV light contrast between bright TV and a dark room, the lights reduce eye fatigue. Smartphone App, customizable animations.

5050 SMD
IR Remote
High brightness
Adjustable brightness/color
Dreamlights RGBIC - Multiple colors/animation on the same strip
Single color or mixed
Segmented Control
Bluetooth Smartphone App
1 Metres
Waterproof IP65
Adhesive back
Music Sync
Adjustable brightness
TV / Desk / Computer Case / Vehicle / Gaming Room / Display Stand / Kids Room / Kitchen / Movie Room & Much more!
Marvel Light App