Switch Panel with Fuse & Relay Box - 6 Gang - 12v (Blue or Green Backlight)

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Packing included:
1x Set of 6 Gang on-off Control Switch Panel & Waterproof Silicone Cover
1x Extended Line
120 Universal Stickers
1x Fuse / Relay Box

Input Voltage: 12V DC
Maximum Power: 720W
Maximum Current: 60A
Switch operation: On-Off
Operating Temperature: - 40° C ~ + 105° C
Housing Material: High-quality aluminum

Universal 6 switch panel relay system. Power up to 6 lights or accessories from one convenient place.

Customize your own panel, with universal switch stickers, you can customize your unique personal switch panel according to certain needs

All in one design for your ultimate convenience. This kit has everything you need for installation and use. No need to buy extra parts.

Automatic Dimmable Backlight for Driving Safer. On the road or other bright places, the switch panel will be brighter, so you can see it clearly. In the tunnel or other dark places, the switch panel will be dim, reducing the impact on the driver's vision.
Multi-position installation and wide application. With different brackets, it can be installed in any position you like.