Boreman Star Bright LED Wedge Bulb (Multi Volt 12v/24v)

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Star Bright LED Bulb
Part No.: 2002-2185-W

Product Features:
Star Bright LED Bulb
Long Life
Steady Non Fading Light
Immediate Response
Available in White

Boreman are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our LED Bulb range - Star Bright LED Bulb. The Star Bright LED Bulbs offers 135 Lumens with a power of 1.4W. In addition to been Multi-Volt, long life, with a steady, non fading light and have an immediate response. The Star Bright LED Bulb from Boreman are available in White.


Product Specfication:
Product Name: Star Bright LED Bulb
Part No.: 2002-2185-W
Voltage Unit: Multi-Volt
Luminous Intensity Unit (LM): 135Lm
Power (Watt): 1.4W
Single LED Intensity Unit (SMD): 50-55Lm
Dominant Wavelength Unit (nm): -455-460
Viewing Angle Unit (deg): 360
Colour Temperature Unit (K): 8000-9000K
Continuous Forward Current: 120mA
Peak Forward Current: 350mA
Reverse Voltage: Multi-Volt
Operating Temperature Range: -30°c to +60°c
Storage Temperature Range: -30°c to +60°c