Pioneer VREC-130RS Dashcam Full HD

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Install a Pioneer Dash Camera for peace of mind by protecting you from fraudulent insurance claims by being able to use the recorded footage in the event of an incident, giving you the ability to identify who is at fault quickly and easily.

The Pioneer VREC-130RS is a 1-Channel front facing Dash Camera with a 2.0" LCD screen. The VREC-130RS has a Wide Viewing Angle of 132°, allowing you to capture data that other cameras cannot, in FULL HD.

The VREC-130RS is easy to connect thanks to the supplied cigar charger power connector and easy to install mounting cradle.

The VREC-130RS is compatible with a 8 GB to 32 GB microSD Card (Class 10) maximum.

Pioneer does not guarantee microSD Card compatibility. microSD Card sold separately.

1-Channel Dash CamFront Dash Camera, recording the front.
Full HDIn addition to installing a CMOS sensor that realises high sensitivity, this product records in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) with about 2 million pixels of high resolution so you can record clear high-quality characters such as a license plate, in the day or night.

132° Wide Viewing AngleRecord larger amounts of information with less blind spots, such as a motorcycle passing from the left or right or a pedestrian or bicycle jumping out.