Number Plate Light Bar with DRL - 55W 4768Lumens - Number Plate Mounts

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38cm LED Ice Bar With Number Stand

Lighting color: 6000 K Cold White Light

Power supply: 10V - 30V
Power: 55W
Lumens: 4768lm
Certificates: ECE R112, ECE R7, EMC R10

Resistant to water (IP67), shock and vibration.
Aluminum body for better heat resistance.

Dimensions of LED Bar:
Height: 45mm
Length: 380mm
Thickness with radiator: 57,2mm
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black

Dimensions of the number stand:

Height: 110mm

Length: 370 mm

Dimensions of LED bar together with the stand for number (mounted):

Height: 160.3 mm

Thickness: 72.8 mm

Length: 380 mm - Ice bar, 370 mm stand

Remove your number pate, mount number plate bar, re-fit your number plate!