LED Halo Bullet Markers - Bar Mount or Surface Mount - Available in White, Red, Amber, Blue or Green **NEW PRODUCT**

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Available in five colour variants: white, yellow, red, green and blue.

FT-074 LED

1x marker lamp
1x rubber for flat fitting
1x rubber for fitting on tubular bars

Voltage 12 - 36v
Shock resistant
Diameter Hole: 20mm
2 Brackets: Flat & Curved Brackets Included

1 functional LED lamp- low power consumption
European homologation E9 mark
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility – EMC certificate
Shockproof lamp
The lamp connection polarity is optional
Easy assembling lamp
Unique light emission
A revolutionary system of mounting the lamp to the bodywork using a contoured rubber adapter
Can be mounted on the vehicle piping using an additional rubber