Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Battery Charger - Electronic charge control & charging conservation - 6V 12V or 24V

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Fully automatic battery chargers built with electronic charge control and charging conservation "Floating".

Suitable for charging lead batteries: WET serviceable and maintenance free, AGM,

AGM Power, GEL, Start & Stop, Ca/Ca.
Multi step charging - The batteries are charged by applying sophisticated multi-step programs.
High efficiency - " I-U " Charging characteristic (constant current-constant voltage) minimises battery charging time.
Floating - Can remain connected to the battery for a long time. Batteries are ready to use at all times.
Safety guaranteed - Designed to protect vehicle electronics. Non-sparking. Reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. Charging voltage is free of interference and voltage peaks. Allow battery charging directly on the vehicle electrical system, without disconnecting the battery. (DIN 40839 interference emission level I)
Battery Test - Sulphated battery detection.
"Sulfated Battery Recovery" Desulphation / Equalization programme Regenerate batteries that have underdone heavy discharge cycles.
Battery charger suitable for the workshop.