Fiat Agri Tractors LED Headlight Pair - LED Global

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Fiat 46 Series,
55-46, 55-46 DT, 65-46, 65-46 DT
56 Series
55-56 DT, 65-56, 65-56 DT, 70-56, 70-56 DT
66 Series
55-66, 60-66, 60-66 DT, 65-66, 65-66 DT, 70-66, 70-66 DT, 80-66, 80-66 DT
90 Series
93 Series
60-93, 60-93 DT, 65-93 DT, 72-93, 72-93 DT, 82-93, 82-93 DT, 95-93
94 Series
60-94, 60-94 DT
Classique Series
446, 466, 566, 580, 666, 680, 766, 780, 880, 980, 1180 DT, 1180, 1280 DT, 1280, 1380 DT, 1380, 1580 DT, 446 DT, 466 DT, 566 DT, 580 DT, 666 DT, 680 DT, 766 DT, 780 DT, 880-5, 880-5 DT, 980 DT, 1580

High Beam = 60 Watt
Low Beam = 30 Watt
DRL = 24 Watt
Size: 190 x 135 x 90.8mm
ECE R 112 R148 & ECE R10
Supplied with H4 Plug & Play Connector

Suitable for Fiat Agri Tractors
Another great product from our Retro-fit led series with CREE LEDs.
It does not matter whether this LED product is used indoors or outdoors, this product is versatile in use, and can be adjusted to suit a number of applications. The unique mounting bracket makes this possible, and it does not matter where you place this product. Due to its great versatility, it can be on a digger, tractor, car, or truck. In addition, this product from our Retro-fit series is splash-proof according to the IP68 standard.
Cree LEDs guarantee a high and bright light performance.
When large distances have to be bridged, the processed Cree XTD LEDs offer the best solution. The cold white light ensures that the user can observe everything from a great distance. The beautiful housing of this product is of course also part of our TOP SERIES. Highly qualified and powder coated aluminium. And when we talk about the light output, it is not small.
LED lamps have a long lifespan.
That is one of the strengths of LED Global lighting, and that certainly applies to this product, in which the famous Cree XTE LEDs are incorporated. You can count on a minimum of 30,000 burning hours. In practice it is much more. Music or information, nothing is more annoying if your radio disturbs a lot, especially due to lighting such as a work light. However, this product is equipped with a special EMC filter for guaranteed interference-free radio listening. .