Durite Heavy-Duty 12/24V Li-Polymer Portable Booster Pack (Starts up to 16L Petrol & Diesel Engines) 42,000mAh **Best Seller**

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Durite 064940 12/24V Heavy-duty booster pack with 42,000mAh lithium polymer battery. Supplied with 230V UK charger.

Jump starts all petrol and diesel vehicles up to 16 litres
Peak current: 1500Amp
LCD display with battery state of charge indicator
USB ports and 3W LED flash light
Cycle life; 1000 times

Booster Type Li-Polymer
Voltage 12/24V
Capacity 42,000mAh
Start current 600A
Peak current 1500A
Cycle life -
Vehicle size Petrol & Diesel vehicles up to 16 litres
Weight 2.4KG
Dimensions L 250 x W 95 x H 247mm
Certificates CE