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Deutz Tractor
Series 7 TTV 7210 TTV, Series Agroclimber COM3, Agroclimber 310 V C-N-M-L, Agroclimber 410, Agroclimber 410F,
Series Agrofarm, Agrofarm 85, Agrofarm 85 Ecoline, Agrofarm 100, Agrofarm 100 Ecoline, Series Agrofarm COM3
Agrofarm 410, Agrofarm 420, Agrofarm 420 Profiline, Agrofarm 420TTV, Agrofarm 430, Agrofarm 430 Profiline, Agrofarm 430TTV,
Series Agrofarm T-TB COM3, Agrofarm 410T, Agrofarm 410TB, Agrofarm 420T, Agrofarm 420TB,
Series Agrolux, Agrolux 4.75E, Agrolux 45E, Agrolux 50, Agrolux 50E, Agrolux 60, Agrolux 60E, Agrolux 65, Agrolux 70, Agrolux 70E, Agrolux 75,
Agrolux 80, Agrolux 90, Agrolux 95, Agrolux 100, Series Agrolux COM3, Agrolux 310, Agrolux 320, Agrolux 320P,
Series Agroplus COM3, Agroplus 310, Agroplus 310 Ecoline

•Housing: Powder coated aluminum
•Application: Indoor as well as off-road
•60w High Beam
•30w Low Beam
•12w DRL ( Daytime Running Light)
•50,000h / E Mark Certified / IP68
•ECE R10, ECE R112, ECE R148 Approved
•EMC - CISPR25 Class 4 (Radio Frequency Suppression)
•Supplied With H4 Plug & Play Connection
•Dimensions 157 x 94 x 80mm

•Light color: Cold white
•Ireland / UK Headlight
•Color temperature: 6000K

•Nominal lamp power: 60 Watt
•60W high intensity CREE XTE LEDs
•Suitable for 9-32V DC
•5,600 lumens
•Lux Reading: 50Mtr @ 12Lux
•Lux Reading: 186Mtr @ 1Lux
•Vibration Test to 15G

•Lamp width: 157 mm
•Lamp height: 94 mm
•Lamp thickness: 80 mm