Dash Trim Removal Tool Set

Dash Trim Removal Tool Set

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Set of 14 tools for disassembly without damage to decorative parts, plastic clips, lids, rear view mirror glass, etc.

Ideal for use in hard to reach places and on painted surfaces.

Wide range of applications thanks to a large number of different disassembly tools.

Can be used for:

- removal of upholstery
- moldings
- panels
- dashboard
- housings
- clips

They are reinforced with fiberglass for maximum strength.

Durable and resilient material: Sturdy and resilient tools have the power to remove the panels and remove the open retaining pins on the panel, but are soft enough not to damage the delicate coating of your car.

11 fiberglass-reinforced plastic disassembly tools with slotted, straight and angular structures for dismantling decorative strips, mirrors, covers and panels in the interior and exterior of the cabin.
Door trim removal tool, length 220 mm, 45 degrees at an angle with 6 mm hole, for disassembly e.g. door panels and interior parts.
2 hooks for downloading radio, for car radio players with two unlocking slots 9x1 mm, suitable for e.g. Becker, Blaupunkt, Alpine, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Audi, Ford and many others.
Packed in a convenient storage case.