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We cut our Reflective Tape to the length you require.

Price is per metre. For example if you require 10 metres of this tape, add 10 of this product to your cart/basket

If you require large amounts or rolls of tape please get in touch 

Avery V-6722 B Conspicuity Tape

For over 15 years now, Avery Dennison has been producing contour marking tape for global application. The Avery V-6722 B series is specifically designed and approved for the European UN/ECE-48 and UN/ECE-104 regulations. This legislation also concerns the use of retro-reflective products on long or heavy vehicles in Europe.

What can Avery V-6722 B Conspicuity Tape do for you?

The tape is made for application on flat and slightly curved surfaces, has a durability of at least 7 years, and is approved according to UN/ECE-104 Class C standards. The entirely renewed and improved structure offers the following unique advantages: