Cab Heater 12v (Wiring Kit Included)

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12 volt Ceramic Fan Heater with Adjustable fan speed dial. Ideal for Tractors, Boats, Cranes, Plant and Agricultural vehicles, Motorhomes, etc...

Mounting bracket with adjustable pivot.
Heavy duty 4 meters of wiring included (Twin red and black). Must be fused (fuse and holder included) and connected directly to the vehicle battery. These units should not be powered through a cigarette accessory socket.
Compact size 6.5 inches high (inc bracket) by 7.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep.
This is a powerful unit designed to be used whilst a vehicles engine is running, however they can be run for short periods with the engine off. If used for a long period with the engine off it will flatten the vehicle battery.
Current draw with fan on full is approx 25 Amps.
100% Genuine UK sourced AMBER VALLEY product.