BASURI BABY SHARK AIRHORN - 12v for Tractor - 19 MELODIES!!! **Genuine Basuri Product**

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Please note these air horns require a pressurised air supply.

19 European melodies such as the world famous Coffin Dance, Sandstorm & Bella Ciao
- 19 different melodies (full list below)
- 12V or 24v
- 6 air horns
- Super quality
- + 130dB - extremely loud !!

- 6 pre-assembled horns
- Control / selection panel
- 6mm connection for air hose

Preferably to have the air horn installed by a trained technician
- Red = + Power
- Black = Ground/Earth
- Gray = Ground/Earth (switched)
- Preferably provide the power supply with a fuse or relay.
- There must be an air supply on the vehicle - not included

Baby Shark 🦈
When mom isn't home
Horse riding
Coffin dance
The final countdown
Savage love
Still D.R.E.
If your're happy and you know it
Bella ciao
Levan polkka
Mission impossible
La cucaracha
Happy birthday
Pirates of the caribbean
Sky high
TGV airhorn
Tone-high low