Aerosol Fire Extinguisher 500ML - ReinoldMax

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Fire extinguishing spray Stop Fire from Reinold Max

The ultimate simple to use Car, Workshop and household Fire extinguisher.

• Fast and effective
• No extinguishing damage (extinguishing agent residues are limited to the fire area itself and do not affect the wider environment (proper application provided))
• Biodegradable
• Handy and space-saving
• Reusable after use (opening)
• Shelf life approx. 2 years (36 months after production date)

Extinguishes incipient fires of the classes

– A: Fires of solid substances, mainly of an organic nature, which normally burn with the formation of embers.
– B: Fires of liquid substances or substances that become liquid
– E: fires in low-voltage electrical installations (up to 1000 volts)
– F Fires of edible oils/fats in deep-frying and fat-baking equipment and other kitchen equipment and appliances.