6Metre Multi Coloured Ambient Light Set

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Technical parameters:
Power: 12V DC
Length: 6m, (the optical fiber can be cut anywhere)
Colour: RGB (possibility of many colors)
Lighting angle: 360°
Thickness (maximum): 2mm, clamping only 0.61mm
Power consumption: 0,3W / 1M

Ambient LED RGB Light fibers are made of the highest quality materials and using the latest technology,
thanks to which the power consumption is very low and the light is uniform along the entire length of the fiber.

The Ambient LED fiber through its small dimensions (thickness is only - in the thickest point 2mm - in the thinnest 0.61mm) and excellent flexibility can be installed in any gaps in the dashboard, in the car door, under the seats, only our imagination limits us.
The LED diode sends a beam of light that evenly spreads over the entire optical fiber, creating pleasant, soft, non-dazzling lighting.