630 Piece Assortment Auto Clips / Pins / Fasteners with Removal Tools

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A set of 630 pieces of automotive clips/pins/fasteners is the perfect tool for car owners who want to make sure they have everything they need for quick and effective repairs in case of a breakdown.

With various types of clips, pins, and fasteners, the set allows for stable and precise attachment of many car parts, such as mudguards, covers, lampshades, or decorative strips. The diverse number and sizes of elements make the set of pins useful for different types of repairs.

The set includes pliers, which facilitate the installation and removal of elements, allowing for even more efficient operation.

The clips are made of durable and resistant materials, ensuring their long life and effectiveness. The box in which the set is packed is handy and makes it easy to store and transport.

Included in the set:
625 x clips / pins / fasteners
1 x Double Bent Lever: 194x21 mm with a cut-out
1 x Double Bent Lever: 161x21 mm with a cut-out
1 x Spoon 124x17mm
1 x Lever with a blunt end on both sides 152x20mm
1 x Tool for removing fasteners