40 Watt LED Plough Lamp for John Deere (Grey Housing)

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Housing: Powder coated aluminum
4 pcs 10 watt high intensity CREE XTE LEDs
Lamp finish: PMMA
Burning position: Adjustable, All positions possible
Lifespan: 30,000 hours +
Watertightness: Splashproof (IP68)
EMC Radio suppressed CISPR CLASS 4

Light color: Cold white
Color temperature: 6000 K.

Nominal lamp power: 40 Watt
4 pcs 10 watt high intensity CREE XTE LEDs
Suitable for 10-30V DC
4,200 lumens

Lamp width: 110 mm
Lamp height: 120 mm
Lamp thickness: 97 mm

Oval led work lamp to replace John Deere
Oval work lamp of 40 watts which at the same time greatly improves the light output. Easy to replace with “plug & play”

This will replace the following lamps: the 55 watt work lights of the JOHN DEERE 6020, 6030, 6M, 5020, 5M, 5R, etc tractors and self-propelled drivers.

Replacing lamps is no problem.
lamps of this type are equipped with an identical Delphi connector. This means that the lamps can be replaced “plug and play”. It will give you a pleasant feeling that despite the replacement, the original appearance is preserved.The work lamp 40 watt provides a much greater light output! The existing brackets can also be reused. Nevertheless, a separate bracket is included.

All attention has been paid to this during the development of this lamp. The 40 watt also has the perfection that it is completely radio suppressed according to CISPR class 4. Values ​​that are only achieved by renowned brands such as HELLA and GROTE. The finish is of an unprecedented level, partly due to the enormous light output of 3200 lumens, very good light distribution and top quality.

A selection of the excellent properties
The housing is made of powder-coated aluminum and is waterproof according to the IP68 standard. The lamp can be used indoor and off-road. A shining example are the further properties:

The lamp has 4 high intensity CREE XTE LEDs of 10 watts;
Burning position is adjustable. All positions possible;
No less than 30,000 burning hours;
Light color is cold white (6000K).
This lamp is common on the following brands: John Deere RE219708, RE233263, AL150478, AL119291