40 Watt LED Oval OEM Bottom Mount Work Light Massey / New Holland / Class

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Excellent light distribution, the best quality and no chance of radio interference.

Comes with Plug & Wire connections

Housing: Powder coated aluminum
Application: Indoor as well as off-road
8 pcs 5 watt high intensity CREE LEDs
Lamp finish: PMMA
Burning position: Adjustable, All positions possible
Lifespan: 30,000 hours +
Equipped with E-mark
Watertightness: Splashproof (IP68)
EMC Radio suppressed CISPR CLASS 4

Light color: Cold white
Color temperature: 6000 K.
Light intensity: 3200 lumens

Nominal lamp power: 40 Watt
8 pcs 5 watt high intensity CREE LEDs
Suitable for 9-32V DC

Lamp width: 142 mm
Lamp height: 88mm
An oval work lamp with 40 watts of CREE LEDs.
An LED work light, suitable for all types of tractors, forklifts, trucks and work vehicles and with special qualities.

An LED work light, suitable for all types of tractors, forklifts, trucks and work vehicles.
The quality and light intensity of this 40 watt Cree work light and the ideal solution for all types of work and vehicles when daylight is lacking. Naturally usable indoor and off-road and with a splash-proof guarantee in accordance with the IP68 standard. This lamp can work with a connection of 9 to 32 volts DC.

The advantages of Cree LED lighting.
Already in 1987, the American LED manufacturer has been working intensively to improve LED technology. The Cree LEDs, which are used for worklights, are partly a result of the innovative activities of LED manufacturer Cree. So you can safely rely on the more than 30,000 burning hours of the Cree LEDs that are mounted in this worklight. Of course we can also assure you that the lamp is EMC radio interference suppressed. That makes communication more pleasant and possible music during work. It will not surprise you that all this light technology is packed in a solid powder-coated housing.