3LED Surface Mount Strobe - Amber or Blue

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LED warning strobe 12-36V, cable’s length 0,25 m.

The lamp housing, made of an impact–resistant material, has been combined with a lampshade made of polycarbonate (PC) to create a product that is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage, shocks as well as moisture, all of which is attested by relevant certificates.

Technical Specifications

3 LED OSRAM diodes
Supply voltage: 12 – 36V DC
Power consumption: 12V/24V/ Peak power consumption: 0,3A/0,15A
Rated power: (Peak) = 4 W
ECE no.65 (XA1) lamps homologation
Flash frequency: f = 2,0 Hz (single, double, triple flash)
EMC R10 Certificate
Fully waterproof (IP68)
Shock resistance – IK
Operating temperature: -40 °C do +55 °C
Reverse polarity protection system
GROUND – white wire; PLUS – black wire