22 Piece Drill Cleaning Brush & Scouring Pad Set with Quick Release Adapter

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» 2 x nylon brush, diameter 5cm
» 3 x nylon brush, diameter 10cm
» 1 x nylon brush, length 9cm
» 1 x Velcro disc 10cm
» 1 x 15cm mounting adapter
» 3 x green scrubbing pad (grit 240) 10cm
» 3 x brown scrubbing pad (grit 400) 10cm
» 3 x scrubbing pad gray (grain 600) 10cm
» 3 x orange scrubbing pad (grit 1500) 10cm
» 2 x polishing sponge 10cm

Cleaning tip set allows you to get rid of all kinds of dirt
from different surfaces.

Use in accordance to the purpose.
Adapt type of tip to cleaned surface. It is
recommended to make a test on an invisible part of
cleaned surface to avoid damage outer coating.