LED Global 7" Wireless Reversing Camera Kit (1 channel) **BEST SELLER**

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LG9040 (As seen on IFarmWeFarm)

1x Monitor & 1x Camera

7inch digital quad wireless reversing system with recording function

Monitor screen size: 7inch digital screen

Built-in 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Receiver

1 channel wireless system

Recording function

LCD size:7" 

Resolution:800 x 3 (RGB) x 480

Brightness:400 cd/m2


Language: Multi-language

Transimitting Distance:120m 

Viewing Angle:U: 50 / D: 70, R/L: 70



Modulation:2.4G FSK/GFSK

Aspect Ratio:0.672916667

Emitting frequency:17dBm

Receiving sensitivity:-78dBm

Transmitting speed:12Mbps

Digital wireless camera with audio(loud speaker)

Built in 2.4GHz Digital wireless transmitter

Power: DC12~32V

Current Consumption:Max. 220 mA/12V

Decompression form:MPEG4

Available distance: >150m,<200m when no obstacle

IR light vision, 18pcs LED lights

Emitting frequency:17dBm

Receiving sensitivity:-78dBm

Transmitting speed:12Mbps

Vertical Sync Frequency:50 Hz/60 Hz

Operating frequency:2400 -2483.5 MHz

S/N Ratio:Better than 48dB

Shockproof degree: 6.8G

Waterproof degree: IP69K

Camera with waterproof; Shockproof;Night vision