Professional Headlamp restoration kit

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Package contents:
- 800 ml regeneration fluid/liquid
- A cup (Teapot) to apply the liquid
- Plastic cover
- Cup overlay with flexible hose/nozzle for hard-to-reach places
- 2 x Gasket
- 6 x sandpaper (gradations: P180, P280, P320, P600, P800, P1200)
- Funnel
- Sponge
- Charger (12V and 230V)
- Protection masks
- Tape to secure adjacent elements

A kit designed to restore clarity to headlamp lenses that have become yellowed, hazy or dull. This kit improves the luminous efficiency of the lamp. It is a much cheaper alternative than replacing the headlamp or repairing it in the service, after which the effects will be the same or very similar. A specialist kit for the professional regeneration of car headlights made of plastics. After rebuilding the factory polycarbonate layer, the headlights will get their original look.

How to use it:
Clean the headlamp thoroughly and protect other elements against damage.
Use sandpaper starting from lowest to highest gradation.
Thoroughly dry and degrease the reflector surface.
Pour the liquid into the cup provided with the set (halfway up to the maximum), then connect it and wait about 4 minutes for it to start to evaporate.
Apply steam to the reflector surface. The maximum single operation time of the device should not exceed 20 minutes.

ATTENTION! The device must be connected when performing this step.
Leave to harden for approx. 8-10 hours in a dry room.
Pour any unused fluid back into the aluminum bottle.
Close the bootle securely.

We recommend the use of protective gloves and a mask while working. Avoid contact of the fluid with any surface other than the headlamp (it may damage). The kit is suitable for regeneration of plastic headlights only (About 98% of headlights produced). Will not work on glass spotlights. The content of the bottle is sufficient for approx. 30 - 40 headlamps (depending on the size of the regenerated headlights) Keep away from children.