DIY Headlamp restoration kit

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A kit designed to restore clarity to headlamp lenses that have become yellowed, hazy or dull.
This kit improves the luminous efficiency of the lamp. It is a much cheaper alternative than replacing the headlight or repairing it in the service, after which the results will be the same or very similar.
This is a full headlight restoration kit, the only thing you need is a drill.

2 x P800 sanding disc
2 x P1200 abrasive disc
2 x P2000 sanding disc
1 x disc with orange sponge
2 x 40g of polishing paste
2 x 3.0ml of protective fluid
1 x securing tape (300 x 2 cm)
1 x grinding disc
1 x M10 adapter
1 x disc with white sponge